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Determination, strategy and boldness: These are the core tenants of Edson Breedy Taekwondo, run by Chief Instructor Edson Breedy a 29-year-old local Taekwondo player, coach and medical student.

Determination, strategy and boldness: These are the core tenets of Edson Breedy Taekwondo, a martial arts training program, led by Chief Instructor, Edson Breedy.
Edson is a 29-year-old local Taekwondo player, coach and medical student with over 10 years of experience in training and competing in the martial art. As captain of the National Taekwondo Team, Edson’s journey can be described not only as humbling, but also rewarding and successful. He has garnered numerous competition medals from events, such as the National Taekwondo Championships, the international intercollegiate circuit and the World Action Taekwondo Association (W.A.T.A.). Edson has made his country proud by winning gold for Trinidad and Tobago at the World Taekwondo Open in April 2016 at San Louis de Potosi, Mexico, becoming the first Trinidadian to medal at this major tournament. In addition to this achievement, Edson has demonstrated his drive and dedication to the sport by winning both the gold medal and the Best Male Athlete award at the inaugural Trinidad & Tobago Taekwondo Open.

Edson works in conjunction with a team of elite coaches who endeavour to use Taekwondo to inspire our nation’s youth to pursue their dreams and to escape the confines of the traditional of success. The team firmly believes that the Taekwondo, one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world, is the perfect tool for strengthening the body and mind as it not only creates an avenue for athletic success, but also spiritual and mental mastery.

Contacts for References:
TTO National Taekwondo Coach, Colin Mofford: 398-4010
Strength and Conditioning Coach (SPORTT), Orlando Griffith: 484-6180
President of the TTO Taekwondo Association, Master Anthony Ferguson: 777-2119