Come and learn how to market yourself as an athlete. Develop skill sets that will facilitate more sponsorship opportunities and also help you represent your country with grace and confidence.
On March 11th 2017, BBM Sports Management will be hosting our first Athlete Development seminar at the Management Lecture Theater at the University of the West Indies. The seminar will be free admission, target Senior National athletes of all disciplines and cover important areas that are not often touched by traditional developmental seminars.Our 3 focal points:
• Athlete branding and fundraising by Edson Breedy
• Public speaking and press management by Charisse Bacchus
• Professional etiquette by Philipe MikeSpecial Guest Speaker Cleopatra Borel

Delicious and healthy refreshments courtesy WrapWorks Deli

HIgh performance strength and conditioning package to be won sponsored by Aries Sports Performance

WADA approved dietary supplement samples courtesy BodyGlow

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