This week over 50 National athletes gathered at the Management and lecture theater of the University of the West Indies for the BBM athlete development seminar. The athletes were from a wide array of sports ranging from Kayaking to Karate, but all of them were attentive and highly engrossed by the material.

 Triathlete and coach, Ravi Maraj said “the seminar was very informative and enlightening. It’s a piece of humble pie that all aspiring pro athletes needed to hear. As a full-time professional coach you see many athletes reach the pinnacle locally and suddenly expect a handout. Pro athletes work to deserve government support and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. It was a wake-up call for those who wish to make any sport a career choice, and a stimulus to start believing that they can be a power onto themselves. The guest speakers Andrew Lewis and Cleopatra Borel did a phenomenal job and kudos to BBM Sports Management on this groundbreaking initiative.”

The event focused on teaching the athletes how to develop their personal brands so that they could be more marketable to corporate Trinidad and also aimed to spark an entrepreneurial spirit within the audience to encourage the young sportsmen and women to generate their own income in creative ways. Due to the impressive and diverse turnout for BBM’s inaugural event, they are considering replicating the seminar at different locations in the country. To learn more about BBM Sports Management which is focusing on providing quality consultation and management to Caribbean athletes, visit their facebook page: BBM Sports Management.


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