Edson is one of the most enthusiastic athletes I have ever seen! His passion for taekwondo drives him throughout every training session. During a hard day of training you can hear Edson shouting, “I can do it!! We can do it Jerome!!”

One can be assured that this man LOVES TAEKOWNDO! As an athlete, there are many days you feel out of it. Managing this feeling is something that makes or breaks an athlete! However, over the years of training with Edson, he has shown that he is capable of going the distance no matter what the situation. While training, you can hear Edson saying, ” One more! That wasn’t good. ONE MORE” And he’ll go at it again and again. Edson isn’t the type of athlete to be laughing and joking around during training (unless he messes up).Nekisha Fan Friday

The intensity can be seen on his face while he tries to do his best at all times. Also, he tries to teach the other athletes to acquire that level of intensity during training! This is an individual who is willing to help others and wants the best for them. Never, have I heard my teammate saying, “You’re not going to win. You should just quit… It makes no sense.” NEVERRR!!!

Edson is always the person to boost your confidence. He is the type of person to see the brightest light in the darkest tunnel. He is always giving someone words of encouragement and helping them to bring out the best in them that they may not have even known existed.

For example, while I am training I may sometimes get frustrated that I am not executing my forms perfectly, Edson would say something like, “Nekisha, don’t mean to bother you, but just want to say that your front kicks look great. They look stronger! ” These are the little gestures that helps someone build confidence. Lastly, Edson doesn’t conform to perceived limitations. He is always looking for different ways to be a better person and athlete.

Even though, at times when it may be hard to see a solution to a problem, you can always count on him to come up with an innovative plan. Edson Breedy is capable of succeeding at the highest level of anything he does.

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