There is a small strategic problem today within taekwondo schools which is hurting the sport. Most clubs are focusing the young athletes on competition (usually sparring) from as soon as they start and placing so much pressure on them that they never really just get to enjoy the art. The end result of this is that kids who really just want to have fun are leaving the sport early and not reaching their maximum athletic potentials. We need to give the children a little more room for free play in taekwondo class, let them enjoy the sport and fall in love with it. Allow our little ones to participate and train with little pressure until that beautiful day comes when they look us in the eye and tell us that the want to compete. Furthermore there is a lot to do in taekwondo besides just sparring, there is Poomsae (forms) for the lesser combative personalities, demonstration for the acrobats, breaking for those who want to focus on their power and even taekwondo aerobics. Check out the short interview below where I talk about some of team TTO’s young talent and how I think Taekwondo can be improved in the country.

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