Sport Taekwondo in TTO

Sport Taekwondo in TTO

There are very few taekwondo practitioners in Trinidad and Tobago compared to that of other sports. One pro of this situation would be that for athletic individuals seeking to represent Team TTO at international competition the pool of athletes is small so there is a lot of room for upward mobility and relatively fast ascension to the Trinidad and Tobago National Taekwondo team. However, the flip side to this coin is that current competitive players have a relatively small body of players to train with, which makes it a little difficult to hone their skills to the point of becoming a successful international player. Now the solution to this quandary is simple, the taekwondo community needs to start recruiting!

Here are a few taekwondo schools around the country that can get you started:

Taekwondo Tigers: Master Collin Mofford – Bishops Anstey High School and Mucorapo East Secondary 398-4010

Sankar’s Taekwondo School: Master Cheryl-Ann Sankar Apple Blossom Street, Petit Valley 782-3769

Trinidad Taekwondo Academy: Master Curtis Lumkin – #6 Cane Street San Fernando 722-3100

Florez Taekwondo: Master Sherland Florez – St. Augustine South Community Center 732-1685

Jung’s Olympic Taekwondo: Grand Master Jung – #22 Belle Smythe Street, Woodbrooke 628-5812

Edson Breedy Taekwondo: Instructor Edson Breedy – La Joya Sporting Complex, St Joseph 794-7975 (First 2 classes free)