Adult Taekwondo Classes

Adult Taekwondo Classes



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Benefits for adults

1)Lose weight –Using those leg muscles (which are among the largest muscles in the body), and as the muscles develop the fat burns, causing weight loss.

2) Learn self defense – Through the repetitive practice of distance management, counter attack timing and dynamic kicks you will be better equipped to efficiently protect yourself

3) Increase self-esteem –Apart from improving your physical appearance and health, there is a certain confidence that is built in you knowing that you are not totally defenseless.

4) Camaraderie – The bonds you build while training are like no other! Blood, sweat and tears in training! Combined with shared happiness…sometimes sadness at competition brings us together in a very meaningful way.

5) Release stress –  A physical workout is always a good stress reliever. There is something about hitting those kicking paddles that just melts the stress away! I have never come out of a training session feeling stressed no matter what was on my mind before I went in.

6) Increase flexibility – After a few weeks of trying to do face kicks your flexibility will increase pretty quickly

7) Increase strength – There is a lot of strengthening that goes into the prep work to be able to kick and control your body effectively,  soon after starting your body will start to feel like a whole new machine

8) Increase stamina – The worst feeling in the world is walking up a flight of stairs an feeling out of breath. However, through the farious aerobi and anerobic drills and exercises that a regular taekwondo workout puts you through you will soon rebuild your cardiovascular system

9) Learn about Korean Culture – Korean traditions are very intertwined into the practice of taekwondo. Besides bowing, taekwondo athletes learn the language and also about the history and practices of the country

10) Increase Self control and discipline – You wont believe it until it happens to you, but after you attain the knowledge of a defensive art and you feel confident that you can fight well, you very rarely use your weapons. Your new confidence is accompanied by a deep peace and the knowledge that your body is a lethal weapon that should not be activated unnecessarily.

Payment information:

First 2 classes free

Registration $50/year

Standard Price $300/month

Drop in $40/class

3 month term $750

Group of 3 – $750/month

All Black Belt National Athletes train free (with registration)

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