Young ladies of Team TTO at a recent international Poomsae seminar with former U.S National Champion Dr. Selma Li (center), hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Taekwondo Association at the Hasley Crawford Stadium.Photo credit: Danny Jang

The Korean kicking martial art of Taekwondo is fast growing amongst women worldwide, with a global population of over 3,000,000 female black belts. The benefits of the art form are tremendous for everyone, but here are few key factors that have made the sport very attractive to women specifically:

Self-defense – The style is constantly evolving, and by applying the most modern physics, it ensures that maximum power is generated even with lighter, less overtly powerful body types.

Easy to learn – Taekwondo mechanics aligns well with the average female body, which is usually more flexible and lighter than a males’, allowing women to master kicks much faster!

Weight loss – For those looking to tone up, taekwondo kicking is the 3rd fastest way to burn calories (937 Cal/hr) according to Business Insider.

Competition – Besides the flashy fighting skills that have become synonymous with the art, there is also a highly competitive, non-combative element called Poomsae. This aesthetically judged aspect of the sport is scheduled to be at the next Pan-am games and is soon likely be its own Olympic event.

To start your Trinidad and Tobago taekwondo Journey today contact any one of the below-mentioned academies in your area:

Taekwondo Tigers: Master Collin Mofford – (WEST) Bishops Anstey High School and Mucorapo East Secondary 398-4010

Sankar’s Taekwondo School: Master Cheryl-Ann Sankar (WEST) Apple Blossom Street, Petit Valley 782-3769

Jung’s Olympic Taekwondo: Grand Master Jung – (WEST)#22 Belle Smythe Street, Woodbrooke 628-5812TrinidadTaekwondo Academy: Master Curtis

TrinidadTaekwondo Academy: Master Curtis Lumkin – (SOUTH)#6 Cane Street San Fernando 722-3100

Florez Taekwondo: Master Sherland Florez – (EAST) St. Augustine South Community Center 732-1685

Edson Breedy Taekwondo: Instructor Edson Breedy – La Joya Sporting Complex, St Joseph. Call 794-7975 for information on 2 FREE trial classes or direct message the Edson Breedy Taekwondo Page here


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